Curriculum Statement

The Curriculum at High Park

At High Park our developmentally and age appropriate curriculum facilitates deep and active learning. The termly themes ensure the curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant and motivating.  The SCERTS framework underpins planning and assessment and prioritises learning and development of Social Communication and Emotional Regulations skills. These skills are essential to enable our pupils to access the curriculum and wider world.

All areas within the National Curriculum framework (2014) are taught in a way that is meaningful and purposeful and deepens pupils learning, through first hand and practical experiences. Our school’s multi-professional team supports all pupils to access our creative and engaging curriculum.  Pupils’ special interests are capitalised on to motivate and extend learning which provides stretch and challenge to accelerate progress.  English and Mathematics are taught throughout the curriculum to develop understanding and functional skills necessary for future life. The curriculum promotes pupil’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC) fostering a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them. Activities focus on developing a sense of self and a sense of others. Positive relationships between pupils and staff are the key to effective learning.

At High Park the curriculum promotes fundamental British values. We believe that these values are aimed at being a positive member of the community and building trusting relationships; sense of happiness, social membership and friendship is developed through the teaching of Respect and Tolerance, flexibility and resilience, appropriateness of behaviour clearly link to the British value of Individual liberty .

Our personalised approach to teaching ensures our pupils make good progress; extending their skills, knowledge and understanding through new and varied learning experiences. Our curriculum provides rich opportunities to revisit, consolidate and reinforce skills. The carefully considered enabling environment takes account of our pupils’ complex needs and facilitates successful access to the curriculum.

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