School Meals

Our School Meal Menu from April 2018


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Since taking our catering in-house we have much greater control over the menu we serve and the ingredients that we purchase.
We will continue to follow the healthy eating guidelines to ensure the pupils are always offered a healthy well balanced menu.
 All meat & poultry used will be locally sourced
 All fresh fruit & vegetables will be locally sourced
 All our fish, vegetarian & cheese dishes are suitable for Muslims
 All our dessert items are suitable for vegetarians & Muslims
 We do not use preservatives or additives that are unsuitable for children
 We have a ‘no nut’ & ‘no genetically modified ingredient’ policy

We have also introduced an on-line payment system which makes payments for lunches and school uniform orders much easier for our families.

If you think you are eligible for Free School Meals please apply by completing the online form  or contact the school if you would like some support to complete the form.