Ofsted Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

Below is the HMI report following the inspection the school had in September 2016. The report praised the fact that

“Teachers and other adults are knowledgeable about safeguarding and understand why children and young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities are more vulnerable. Pupils’ safety and well-being are promoted positively and proactively throughout daily activities” and “the school’s strong emphasis on building trusting relationships between pupils and adults, combined with the effective development of their communication skills, helps pupils to develop the confidence they need to communicate and interact safely with other people.”

The report also recognised how

“Pupils’ individual needs are identified and assessed carefully through effective and well-coordinated multidisciplinary work which involves, for example, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists. Learning and therapy programmes have clear learning and care aims”

Click here for the school response to the September 2016 HMI Report 

Following the Ofsted inspection the school had in January 2016 all the safeguarding concerns have been fully addressed and the children at High Park are safe. The staff that work here have had all the relevant checks and are all suitable to work with our children.

Assessment procedures have been adjusted to highlight achievement in all areas of English and mathematics. They now include the spikes in achievement related to the children’s  special interests which many of our children have. We have completed a review of planning for the teaching of all aspects of English and mathematics to take account of the comments in the report.

Within the September HMI report it identifies that “The quality of learning and care programmes is monitored closely by senior leaders and, over time, pupils make step-by-step progress towards the aims and targets identified in their individual plans”.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss any of the issues raised in the report with you, if you would like to talk to me directly please contact the school on Tel 01274 696740

Yours sincerely

Ann Andrew




Click here for the September 2016 HMI Report