Welcome to Ash Base

Hi, I am Sarah Greenwood and I am the Base Leader for Ash Base.

I am class teacher in Ash 1 on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Rachel McCusker is the class teacher on Thursday and Fridays.

Ben Randles teaches in Ash 2 and Liz Wilson is the class teacher in Ash 3.

Ash is a very sensory Base, we need to learn through the exploration of materials and resources.

We are developing our functional English and Maths skills through real life activities. Developing our independence is also very important; we access activities in the local community such as going shopping for resources for food technology at the local shop and visiting Bingley St Ives for long walks in the woods to keep us fit and healthy.

We like to keep busy and active; we have a daily running session and exercise sessions (Freddie Fit) and many of our pupils access Rebound or cycling at the Pavilion.

This term our theme is  Marvellous Me – we have been exploring our emotions and looking at photographs of ourselves. We work collaboratively across the three classes in Ash, sharing planning and resources to maximise the opportunities for pupils.


Ash 1

We are an extremely active class and really enjoy the physical aspects to our school day. Our timetable incorporates lots of physical activities that help as markers during the school day. We have a walk in the local community nearly every day; some days we go on the minibus and take a walk around the woods at Bingley St Ives but we also like to walk up to Chellow Dene.

We have been helping our site managers, Derek and Darryl, to look after our immediate environment by raking the leaves and removing old branches in the wooded area behind the school.

We are continuing to develop our functional daily living skills by completing different tasks in food preparation e.g. chopping up and grating vegetables, peeling fruit, making our own toast at snack time.  We make sure we wash our hands first and we even have to clean up after ourselves !!


Ash 2

We have been developing our self awareness looking at our selves in mirrors and photographs. At certain parts of the day we have ‘open doors’ which is when we explore what is happening in other classes in the Base. We have been practicing working alongside one another and with each other on shared activities.

We are continuing to show an interest in our daily routine of tooth brushing; each day after dinner we all brush our teeth, which helps us to stay healthy. We are also working on our hand washing skills, which supports our engagement and enjoyment in Food Technology activities, we have been very keen fruit tasters!

Our outdoor area is very popular and we enjoy spending time out there, we enjoy it no matter what the weather!


Ash 3




Here is a video showing our work in the last half term.