Welcome to Beech Base,

Hi, I am Wendy Yates and I am the Base Leader for Beech Base

I am the class teacher in Beech 3. Sarah Spencer is the lead in Beech 1 and Ben Dawson is the teacher in Beech 2.

In Beech we are working on developing our emotional regulation through physical activities combined with relaxation sessions that help us to calm and be available for learning.  This term we are exploring our bodies  and all the amazing things we can do with them through the topic of Marvelous Me.  Please have a look at some of our photographs from this term.




Beech 1

In Beech 1 we have been learning about our bodies; finding out about our skeleton, what we need to eat and how to keep fit and active. Frances, the school nurse, has been helping us to practice what to do when we have an injection through the immunisation preparation program.

We have also been working on our social skills through shared games and computer club.


look at our Beech 1 Timetable to see more about what we do during our school day.

Beech 2

This term in Beech as part of Marvellous Me topic we have been learning how we can have lots of fun sharing our favourite activities with a friend.


Beech 3

What a busy term in Beech 3. We are continuing to develop our independence skills; learning how to tidy up resources at the end of the session and looking after our own belongings.