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Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Health Education elements of PSHE education is compulsory in all schools (The statutory guidance for Health Education covers physical health, mental health and emotional wellbeing .

It recognises that physical health and mental health are interlinked, that good physical health contributes to good mental health, and vice versa. T

Our integrated approach to PHSE and Emotional Regulation aims to equip pupils to adopt healthy behaviours and strategies, and to know how to request appropriate and timely support when they (or a peer) need it.

Protective factors (including good communication, problem-solving, healthy coping skills, resilience and the ability to name, describe and understand a range of emotions) can reduce the risk of pupils turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. These protective factors can also be developed from an early age, laying the foundations for more specific learning later on.

Where appropriate, bespoke explicit teaching will support individual pupils to understand about their own mental ill-health as and when required. This will be done with support from health and social care agencies and in full discussion with parents. 

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