Team Teach

Team Teach is an accredited, award-winning provider of positive behavioural management training suitable for use throughout the education sector, from early years upwards.

Our strategies equip staff working in primary school environments with the tools they need to understand behaviour, manage challenging situations in the classroom, and minimise serious incidents.

The training is tailored to your needs, solution-focused and thoroughly researched. Our approach has been shown to be transformative in primary schools throughout the UK.

‘The Team Teach training we received was extremely useful and informative and delivered exceptionally well.  It will equip our staff to manage conflict and challenging behaviour safely and respectfully which we are confident will help result in positive outcomes’

Lesley Burton, School Business Leader, St John’s CE Primary School, Bradford


Positive Behaviour Management Level 1 – 6 Hour Course

Our Positive Behaviour Management courses provide accredited, award-winning training in the use of de-escalation and basic positive handling strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour. Our popular Level One – 6 Hour course in positive behaviour management is now available as an open, public course for those working in low-risk mainstream primary and secondary school settings.

Delivered by our expert trainers, participants will gain a detailed understanding of the drivers behind aggressive and disruptive behaviour, and the legal context around behaviour management. It equips participants with strategies of de-escalation, both verbal and non-verbal, for dealing with challenging behaviour. And it teaches simple and safe positive handling techniques, appropriate for a low-risk environment. Crucially, all techniques are situated within a respectful, supportive approach to behaviour management which maintains positive relationships. This course will equip individuals with a good understanding of the values and philosophy of the Team Teach approach.

The course will also cover documentation and legal guidance, as well as best practice when reporting and reviewing incidents. Everything will be delivered across an invigorating day that is fun whilst also serious, and focused on developing team-work, co-operation and morale.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is operating in a low-risk primary or secondary school setting would benefit from this course, which offers a grounding in positive behaviour management strategies applicable across these environments. This course is also suitable for anyone working in low-risk adult or children’s service settings.

Positive Behaviour Management Level 2 – 12 Hour Course

Positive Behaviour Management Level Two is a two-day course designed to deliver proven, safe strategies for anyone managing challenging behaviour in medium-risk settings. It provides an understanding of the causes of challenging behaviour, along with respectful, supportive and practical strategies for de-escalation and crisis intervention. All techniques that we teach are situated within an approach to behaviour management which seeks to minimise the need for physical intervention and maintain positive relationships.

Aimed at individuals who support people with documented special needs or challenging behaviours, and who may pose a risk to themselves or others, the course will provide a thorough grounding in practical behaviour management strategies. It will equip individuals with a sophisticated understanding of challenging behaviour, and the social and legal context around its management. It will cover strategies of personal safety, team work and de-escalation, as well as teaching effective positive handling techniques: these include guiding, escorting and safe holding in various positions.

The course will also cover documentation and legal guidance, as well as best practice when reporting and reviewing incidents. Everything will be delivered across an invigorating day that is fun whilst also serious, and focused on developing team work, co-operation and morale.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for individuals operating in a medium-risk environment and is ideal for those working in:

Pupil Referral Units

Special schools

Adult learning

Children’s Homes

Designated Special Provision (DSP’s)

6 Hour Refresher for the Positive Behaviour Management Level Two Course

Participants would be required to book a 6 hour refresher course within the 24 months certification.

The refresher course content will be based on the information provided by the School Setting and evidence gained by: incidents reports, post visit form, and discussion with the school setting

The refresher course is organised to ensure that skills required to carry out your roles and responsibilities effectively, are maintained.

Schools wishing to book refresher places will need to produce a valid certificate at the time of booking before any confirmation can be given.

Positive Behaviour Management – Advanced Modules

Our Positive Behaviour Management Advanced Modules are designed for individuals who are currently certified in a Level Two – 12 Hour course and working in challenging, high-risk service settings such as Special Schools, Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), Secure Units, children’s homes or elderly care. It provides strategies to ensure personal safety and the reduction of threat, and equips individuals with positive handling techniques which are appropriate in response to extreme, aggressive behaviour. It also helps individuals to respond appropriately, confidently and safely to any incident. Like every closed course we offer, it is tailored to the specific needs of our participants.

Participants on our award-winning courses will develop a full understanding of the principles and values of Team Teach, which has been developed by experts with over 20 years of experience in managing behaviour in a wide range of service settings.

The course focuses on delivering techniques designed for managing extreme and dangerous behaviour. As well as covering personal safety and strategies to reduce risk, the course will equip individuals with a wide range of safe and authorised physical restraint techniques. Advanced safe holding, the management of fights, and the response to everyday objects deployed as weapons are all thoroughly covered.

This course includes content covering:

  • Advanced Ground Holds

  • Ground Fights and Assaults

  • Transport

  • Everyday Objects Used as Weapons

These are highly tailored to your setting and you MUST contact High Park School for information regarding these courses.

For more information about any of the Team Teach Courses we offer please contact

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