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Curriculum Statement

Our ethos and values

At High Park School we:

Respect, trust and value ourselves and each other.

Aim for our personal best and share in our successes.

Hear every voice.

See change as a chance to grow.

Make learning fun.


Our vision:

We believe that every child and young person is a unique learner and should have a personalised learning pathway which will promote progress in every aspect of their development. The bespoke child-centred curriculum has communication and interaction at the heart of all teaching which enables deep, life-long learning.

We are committed to creating a school which:

  • maintains the highest personal expectation of all, recognising and developing strengths and talents

  • provides a learning environment that promotes positive behaviour and teaches skills in emotional and physical well-being

  • ensures that creative and inspirational teaching promotes active learning, independence, flexibility and resilience

  • develops curious, inquiring and creative minds through a meaningful and relevant curriculum

  • ensures teaching that develops a sense of self and others as members of the learning community

  • delivers innovative teaching using an integrated multi-disciplinary approach which is grounded in current research

  • celebrates the success and achievements of all

  • builds and sustains strong partnerships for the benefit of the whole community


At High Park we provide a thematic curriculum which is meaningful and relevant and facilitates deep and active learning that maximises progress for all pupils. The focus is for pupils to learn transferable real life skills which will equip them for life beyond the school.

To provide an engaging, relevant, and balanced curriculum we draw upon and incorporate appropriate aspects from a wide range of sources, including but not limited to;


Our autism specific approach is graded to enable pupils to manage in less adapted environments as appropriate to their needs. We are committed to opening up our pupils’ world through a balance of stability and challenge and by ensuring that all aspects of the curriculum are engaging and motivating.

The curriculum actively promotes pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC) fostering a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them. Activities focus on developing a sense of self and a sense of others. Positive relationships between pupils and staff are the key to effective learning.

At High Park the curriculum develops skills and understanding in ‘British Values’. We believe that these values are aimed at being a positive member of the community and building trusting relationships; sense of happiness, social membership and friendship is developed through the teaching of Respect and Tolerance, flexibility and resilience, appropriateness of behaviour clearly link to the British value of Individual liberty.


There are 3 strands to the curriculum which support a personalised and differentiated approach to meet the needs of all pupils. These 3 curriculum strands are:

The majority of pupils at High Park require a combination of the Additional and Developmental Curriculum. There are a group of pupils who are working consistently at a subject specific level. These pupils are able to access some elements of the Formal Curriculum when combined with the Additional and Developmental Curriculum.

Follow the links below to find out more about the curriculum at High Park.


Pupils are assessed using our adapted P Scales. Daily on going assessment by all staff to plan and track the small steps of progress towards their annual targets ensures that planning and teaching is well matched to the pupils’ individual learning needs and is focused on achieving their Medium Term (2 - 4 Years) and Long Term (4 - 6 years) targets set .

Evidence of pupils’ achievements is shared with parents every half term through the PiP (Progress In Provision) Document and progress is discussed during Wellbeing Calls, at each of the 3 parents’ evenings and also at the Education, Health & Care Plan review meeting.

For more information about the curriculum at High park School please contact us using the contact page.

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