English at High Park

The National Curriculum (2014) identifies the four areas of English as being; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

Communication and Language (Speaking and Listening) form the roots of literacy (Reading and Writing); all children need rich opportunities to communicate in play and in their daily lives as the first steps in developing emergent literacy skills.

At High Park, emergent literacy skills are taught through activities which provide pupils opportunities to respond consistently to familiar people, objects and events and develop their skills in being confident in their interactions.  All teaching and learning activities promote intentional and spontaneous communication.

Through Intensive Interaction pupils are taught the key skills of joint attention, using eye gaze, gestures and pointing that are fundamentals of communication. These foundation skills scaffold the development of meaningful, purposeful reading and writing.

We celebrate and build on pupils’ areas of special interests, using these opportunities to extend learning in all areas of English and in particular Literacy.