Carlton Academy Trust

Carlton Academy Trust officially became sponsor to High Park Schooll on 1 September 2024, at which point the school converted to be an academy within the Trust.

Carlton is a Bradford-based Trust established in 2019, which developed out of the successes of its founding school, Carlton Bolling.

In 2014, Carlton Bolling was a Special Measures school, with a daunting reputation which led it to being dubbed as ‘The Most Broken School in the Country’. It then underwent rapid improvement, which led to it being rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED’ in 2017, just less than two years since being in Special Measures.

The remarkable turnaround, from the school once being dubbed ‘The most broken school in the country’ to being rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2017, led to the establishment of the Trust, so that more schools could be supported and benefit from the expertise acquired over this period.

Since then, the Trust has grown rapidly and now contains two secondary, three primary and two special schools. Click here to find out more about Carlton Academy Trust.

Contact Details

Address: Undercliffe Lane Bradford BD3 0DU


Telephone: 01274 633111

Company Number: 11963458 (England and Wales)

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