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Learning at home

Our Home Learning offer is personalised to our pupils needs and they way they access learning.
A better way to descibe it would be supported learning for home activities
Please click on your child's Base to look at activities and recorded lessons

Developing communication skills

Our Speech and Language Therapist, Emma, has developed some helpful videos to develop and extended key communication skills at home with some simple but effective strategies.  Click here to watch them. 
Cooking at Home

Ash Base Home Learning Offer

This week's Ash Base challenge...
Can you find your own toothbrush and toothpaste?
Can you squeeze the right amount of toothpaste onto your brush?
Can brush your teeth? 
Ask your parents/carers to send us a photo so we can see your fantastic work!  

Wow of the Week

Click on the image above to enjoy our Peer Massage routine at home

Click on the image above to explore more ways to use your gym ball at home and here to find out the benefits

Click on the image above to watch our toothbrushing video and join in.

Click on the image above to  join us on an art walk. Send us some photos of your art work. 

Post 16 (Ash and Oak Base) Home Learning Offer

This week's Post 16 challenge... can you make your own breakfast? Whether you enjoy a bowl of cereal or toast and jam, make / help to make your own breakfast this week. If this is too easy perhaps you can make your own pancake mix or scramble some eggs for scrambled eggs on toast. 
Click on the snack symbol for a video on how to make a good cup of tea

Immunisation Preparation at home

Our Year 14 Intern helped Frances, our School Nurse to create a training video for staff and pupils to use for Immunisation Preparation.

He did a fantastic job!!

Click to watch the video and see the video so you can practice at home too. 

We have also made a video to practice the Nasal Flu Immunisation. 


Being at home may mean more time online.

Here is some helpful guidance from the safeguarding charity Think U Know about staying safe online whilst at home.

Click here to read more

ChildNet have produced a parent's guide to enabling YouTube Restricted Mode.

Find out more here

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