High Park School Students Embrace Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food

At High Park School, students are embarking on a culinary journey with Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, thanks to a special partnership with The Storehouse, a local organisation supported by Inn Churches. High Park students, many of whom are autistic and non-verbal, find a welcoming and supportive environment at The Storehouse, where they can explore new tastes, textures, and experiences.

According to teacher Allison, the sessions at The Storehouse offer students the opportunity to expand their culinary horizons in a safe and inclusive space. “It’s great, because they can try different things,” she explains. “They experience different textures and sounds.” Allison recounts the remarkable progress of one student who, previously limited to eating only rice at school, ventured to try beans on toast and curry during the Ministry of Food sessions—a significant breakthrough.

Beyond the culinary aspect, these sessions provide valuable socialisation opportunities for the students. “Being able to meet new people is a massive thing,” says Allison. “Students look forward to coming here because a lot of them might not be able to go out with their families.” The extended three and a half-hour sessions allow students the processing time they need to thrive, enabling them to develop fine motor skills and socialize with peers from different classrooms.

The inclusive environment at The Storehouse fosters friendships and communication among students, even those who are non-verbal. “Two students, who are in different classes at school, have become particularly close, communicating via touch,” shares Allison. As students gain confidence and familiarity with different environments, the goal is to eventually take them to supermarkets to purchase their own food, promoting independence and decision-making skills.

High Park School prioritises empowering students to make independent choices and communicate their needs—a value shared by Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food. Through this partnership, students are not only learning valuable culinary skills but also building confidence, social connections, and the ability to navigate the world beyond school with greater independence.

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