Welcome to Oak Base

Hi, I am Scott Shepherd. I am the Base Leader for Oak Base.

I am class teacher in Oak 2 and Oak 3. Rob Canning teaches in Oak 1 and Robyn Brennan is the class teacher in our Vocational Class with many of our Post 16 students.






Oak 1

In Oak 1 we have been learning about how to eat more healthily during our weekly food technology sessions and visit to the local Co-op. We are much more confident in following instructions when out in the community; particularly around road safety.

We have been making the most of the warm spring weather; we have visited the Wonderlab exhibition at the National Science and Media Museum and have enjoyed a long walk around St Ives at Bingley.

Linked to our topic Marvellous Me we have also been exploring different emotions. We have been thinking about what makes us happy/not so happy, how we feel and what our face looks when we are happy, sad, tired, excited etc.

We have also been developing our musical skills with Sean, the Music Therapist. We like playing the different instruments, particularly the guitars; please take a look at our photos.


Oak 2

In Oak 2 we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves safe when we are online linked to Safer Internet Day.


We talked about not sharing personal details online and about how to report concerns we might have.

In English we have been following instructions and writing our own. As a group we wrote guidelines for going ‘online’ safely and designed posters.

In Maths we have been developing our understanding of time; we can all now tell the time as an o’clock but some of us can even tell the time much more specifically to 5 minute intervals e.g. 7:25am.

As part of of work in PHSE we have been thinking about the World of Work. We have looked at some of the roles different staff members have in school and also the variety of jobs there are in the wider community.  In Oak 2 we have aspiring athletes, DJ’s/Musicians, Computer Games designers; some of us are still thinking about what we would like to do when we leave school.

Some of us have started to access Keighley College and have been visiting the hair salon there. Please take a look at our photos below.

Oak 3

With a number of students in Post 16 we have been working on building confidence in transitions around school and into the wider community. We are feeling much healthier with all the walking we have done. We have particularly enjoys our walks to a cafe in Heaton village, Lister Park and the local shops. As part of our transition work we have also been thinking about what we like and don’t like!! This helps Sarah, who leads Post 19 transitions into adult services, to plan with our parents and social workers a busy active week when we leave school.

We have also been looking at the World of Work. We have had a weekly barbers session in class; looking at the different tasks a barber might do and also choosing different styles for our hair. The Health Transitions team from Waddiloves have been working with a couple of us exploring the health checks we might encounter at our GP’s.

We have been learning how to use different kitchen tools safely to prepare fruit and vegetables; we really liked tasting them after all of our hard work. We have even been learning how to wash up after we have finished!

Vocational Group

We have 7 leavers in our class in July so this term has been focused on preparing them for their exciting move to adult services. We have been accessing sessions at School of Rock and Media, we will start spending time at SNOOP (Special Needs Objective Outreach Project) later on in the year.

We have continued to work on developing our independence in our daily living skills particularly in  food preparation and completing personal care routines.

Some of us have accessed the PAD Project at Richard Dunns. Click on the link below to find out more


Each week there are different physical activities run by a qualified and experienced fitness professional. Our favourite sessions so far have been using the gym equipment and trying out the bouncy castle. We have a trip with PAD planned soon to Jumparooz, trampoline park.

Click on the libks beow to look at photographs of the different activities we do in Vocational. There are also some photos of the different services we access such as School of Rock and Media on our Post 16 page