Meet the Occupational Therapists at High Park
Alex Hermann
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Hi my name is Alex Hermann and I am employed by High park School as an Occupational Therapist. I work 2 days per week. One day at High park School in Acorns base and the other day I work as outreach at Chellow Heights School.

Occupational Therapy at High Park School.


As Occupational Therapists we use strategies that support and develop our pupils’ learning. This includes the development of emotional regulation, sensory processing, gross and fine motor skills and well-being. We work alongside teaching staff to train and develop their skills. This is to ensure that education and therapy is integrated within our highly specialised environment. Occupational Therapy is provided throughout the curriculum and incorporated into all learning opportunities. We also provide specialist support to individual pupils and families via referrals made by parents or school staff

If you would like to discuss your child’s sensory needs or require any further information, please get in touch via 01274 696740 or email 

Hannah Flint
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Hi my name is Hannah Flint and I am employed by High Park School as an Occupational Therapist. I work 4.5 days per week in Beech, Ash and Oak base. I also complete outreach work to various schools throughout Bradford.

High Park School,

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