PHSE Curriculum

At High Park School we follow the PSHE Association’s SEND PSHE Planning Framework. This framework is arranged under the following 6 headings:-

Intended learning outcomes in the PSHE Planning Framework have been identified in progressive stages; starting with the first stage ‘Encountering’ where there is effective engagement in the learning process through to the final stage ‘Enhancement’ where learning is generalised and transferable .

Each column builds on the one before and assumes that the pupil has met the previous column’s outcomes, in some cases introducing new or additional learning in successive columns.

Click here to see how the PHSE themes run alongside our three year curriculum cycle.

To effectively meet the learning needs of our pupils within the area of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), there are four Corner Stones of development that must be embedded into everyday practice and provision.

On a daily basis practitioners will teach core skills and knowledge for each Corner Stone as necessary through planned activities and general interactions and engagements.