Sarah Tollemache
Sarah Tollemache
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Hello, I am Sarah Tollemache, I am an Assistant Prinicpal at High Park.

As part of my role I have responsibility for Transitions into adult services and I’m the lead Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

As the DSL, I am responsible for promoting a safe environment for our children, young people and adults within the School.

Transition is a time when you move from Children Social Services to Adult Social Services. This happens when your son/daughter is turning 18 years of age. During this time I will help families in decision making and gather information about support available to make informed choices. I will support you with effective communication between different services that have specific roles within the transition process.

During your Education, Health and Care Plan conversion or review a Transition Plan will be started. We will draw together information from important people: family, school staff and anyone who is involved. Everyone’s input will have a positive effect on your son/daughters transition process.

The transition plan allows your son/daughter’s voice to be heard and express their future choices, ideas and needs in a positive way in ‘It’s All About Me’.

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