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High Park School

Remote Education Provision


The remote curriculum: what is taught to pupils at home?

Our remote learning offer is personalised to our pupils' needs and the way they access learning. We recognise the challenges home learning brings for our families and our pupils.  The majority of our pupils find change extremely difficult to manage and accessing activities linked to school at home can present many challenges.  We have families spread across the Bradford district and a significant number of our families have more than one child with additional needs.


Teachers and leaders of learning work closely with parents and carers to create tailored provision to support their child’s individual needs within the home.  The tailored provision is developed with parents and carers during their weekly contact.


Weekly Contact

Teachers and leaders of learning have made weekly contact with parents and carers using their preferred method of communication, for example a phone call, teams call, email or doorstep visit. 

This has provided the opportunity to:

Check on the pupil’s and family's wellbeing

Discuss what the pupil is currently engaging in at home

Share individual learning intentions linked to their progress in provision (PIP)targets which is linked to their EHCP targets and identify possible links to home learning

Celebrate any progress made!

Discuss any concerns or changes in behaviour

Identify any support or advice/ resources needed to support learning and wellbeing at home

Identify next steps or ideas for the following week

Accessing remote education

How will my child be taught remotely?

Pupils will be offered a range of different ways to engage in learning at home:

  • Practical activities and resources, e.g., personalised photo books, matching activities linked to current theme delivered to the door

  • Paper based resources where appropriate

  • Links to specific websites

  • Practical activities to do at home, e.g., playdough recipe, scavenger hunt ideas

  • Group or 1:1 live lessons via Teams

  • Range of recorded lessons

  • Videos on the home learning page

Electronic devices, such as laptops or tablets have been sent home for pupils that have needed them to support Teams calls and live lessons.

The Therapeutic Team have provided the following support:

  • Bespoke support/ training via phone calls or video calls from our speech and language therapist

  • Bespoke visual communication support including visual timetables, Objects or Refence and personalised choose boards

  • Bespoke support/training via phone call or video from one of our Occupational Therapists

  • Bespoke resources/equipment from one of our Occupational therapist, for instance gym balls, chew noodles and weighted vests

  • Bespoke support via phone calls or video calls & resources from our Aromatherapist, for instance sleep sprays, massage oil

Engagement and Feedback

Parents and careers are asked to provide verbal feedback regarding the resources and activities sent home during their weekly contact.  They are encouraged to send in photographs and videos of home learning. This information is then shared with the pupils’ class team and contributes to each pupil's pupil progress file and future progress in provision (PIP) targets and planning.

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