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School Meals

All our school meals are cooked from scratch using fresh produce. We follow healthy eating guidelines and cater for all dietary requirements. The menu offers a wide variety of interesting and tasty dishes. Please may I remind you that all meals must be paid for in advance.

From  September 2022 the cost of school meals will be:

Pupils in Key Stage 1 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals.

For pupils in Key Stage 2 the cost of a school meal will be £2 per day or £10 per week.

For pupils in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 (our Secondary age pupils) the cost of a dinner will be £2.45 per day or £12.25 per week.

Free School Meals

The school benefits from every pupil who is in receipt of Free School Meals. If you are entitled to Free School Meals, the school will receive an additional £935 per year to provide additional resources/support for your child if your child is in KS3 or 4, and £1320 if your child is in KS1 or 2. Therefore it is essential that every family who is entitled to this resource should apply and the school will assist you to do so.

Please contact the school on 01274 696740 if you think you may be able to apply for Free School Meals or if you have other children already claiming them. 

The link is:

Cashless School

Please note that  we do not  accept cash into school other than small donations as part of any fund raising activities.

Everything else will need to be paid for using ParentPay. This is a safe and secure system. You can pay via an app on your phone, the website or by Pay Point (in local shops, newsagents and petrol stations) using a card supplied by school.

If you send any cash or a cheque into school, it will be returned to you with a letter explaining the alternative ways to pay.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact school.

Our School Meal Menu 


Please click Here to view Meal Menu

Since taking our catering in-house we have much greater control over the menu we serve and the ingredients that we purchase.
We will continue to follow the healthy eating guidelines to ensure the pupils are always offered a healthy well balanced menu.

  • All our fish, vegetarian & cheese dishes are suitable for Muslims

  • All our dessert items are suitable for vegetarians & Muslims

  • We do not use preservatives or additives that are unsuitable for children

  • We have a ‘no nut’ & ‘no genetically modified ingredient’ policy

If you think you are eligible for Free School Meals please apply by completing the online form  or contact the school if you would like some support to complete the form.

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