Child Led Responsive Dance – Intensive Interaction through movement to develop expressive communication

Dance at High Park supports learning across a range of curriculum areas.

The main approach that we use is called Child Led Responsive Dance, which begins in a similar way to Intensive Interaction – through engaging students in communicative, interactions which reinforce the Fundamentals of Communication including the meaningful use of;

·      eye contact

·       physical contact

·       and vocalisations.

 Pupils are supported by the adult who facilitates the child to develop their own expressive, physical language and movement interests.

Through this process, there are opportunities for developing in the five areas of the Engagement Model;

·       exploring movement

·       realising the reciprocation of the adult for their choices

·       anticipating responses

·       initiating new movement ideas

·       and persisting in longer and more complex dance-based interactions.


Pupils are supported to make better sense of the world around them reinforced through opportunities to explore play schemas through movement, making use of trajectory, rotation, positioning, orientation, enclosing and connecting.


As a physical activity, Dance provides a natural context to work on physical development including; negotiation of space, balance, coordination, strength and agility.


Finally, dance allows pupils to meet their own sensory needs through a combination of music, movement, visual awareness, tactile communication, vestibular stimulation (tipping, turning and working off-balance) as well as responding to their own interoceptive feelings. 




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