Using and Applying

What is Using and Applying?

Using and Applying provides opportunities for pupils to transfer mathematical learning within the classroom into real-life situations, helping them to consolidate learning in order to:

  • supports pupils to make links between skills/areas/concepts
  • develop mathematical skills through application
  • give maths a purpose; enabling pupils to see the relevance of maths in their world
  • develop explorations – promoting thinking skills and enquiring minds
  • develop independent learning and help sequence and structure thoughts
  • develop social skills-e.g. turn taking, negotiation, problem solving, communication
  • develop collaborative learning
  • develop skills of communication, reasoning and explanation
  • use as an assessment tool for the teacher
  • help develop confidence in their learning
  • extend pupils’ mathematical vocabulary and encourage discussion
  • and make maths fun!!


For our pupils working at a Developmental Curriculum level between P1-P4 (pre-subject specific level), learning is planned to take place through cross-curricular activities with consideration to the Early Learning Goals and the P Level Assessment Documents.

Learning is experiential through age appropriate practical activities that are rooted in functional real life, transferable skills. Pupils have consistent, repeated opportunities to practice skills.

For our pupils working consistently at P5 and above (subject specific level) learning objectives are planned with reference to the EQUALS Scheme of Work (Key Stage 1-4). This provides flexibility to meet the specific needs of pupils spikes in learning. The Equals Scheme of Work provides suggested experiences, learning activities and assessment outcomes

Pupils’ access content from the appropriate Key Stage, according to their chronological age, although knowledge and skills may be selected from the earlier Key Stages to meet their individual needs. At this level pupils are developing an understanding of what they have learnt and are able to generalise learning to other contexts.

Some pupils are working within the Pre-Key Stage Standards for Mathematics. These ‘More Able’ pupils are supported by the Curriculum Leader for Maths, who is our teacher responsible for ‘More Able’ learners. Lesson planning is taken from appropriate  mainstream Schemes of Work that are adapted to meet individual pupil needs.

Pupils working consistently above P5 in Maths access our  Formal Curriculum which requires pupils to demonstrate self-motivation for adult directed tasks. These pupils will show some organisational skills related to their own learning resources.