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Ann McKerchar

Parent governor


Health & Safety

Linked to Beech Base

David Sims

Co-opted by governors

Children Looked After

Linked to Ash Base

Rebecca Barham

Co-opted by governors

Pupil Premium

Jodie Braithwaite

Staff Governor

Student Voice & AQA Accreditation

Sarah Spencer

Staff Governor

Curriculum Development - Music

Victoria Spink

Co-opted by governors

Post 19 transitions

Bridie Dorning


Who are we?

At High Park School there are 7 Local Governing Body governors and the Principal.

The Local Governing Body at High Park School is made up of all different ‘types’ of local governors:


Parent governors – elected from parents of registered pupils at the school.


Community governors – appointed by members of the Local Governing Body who are not themselves co-opted, they are intended to be representatives of the local community and may add particular kinds of expertise.


Staff governors– people who work in school and are elected by their colleagues.

There are two different types, teaching and non-teaching staff governors.


What we do:

The governors at High Park School meet at least twice every term to discuss the running of the school. This would include looking at:

The school’s budget and various policies e.g. behaviour, sex and relationship education.
• Performance management.
• The overall ethos and direction of the school.
• Long-term planning.
• Target setting for pupils.
• Staffing structures.


The Local Governing Body plays both a strategic and operational role, meaning that they focus on the underlying issues of school management and practical active topics. They are involved in reviewing exclusions and dealing with any cases of staff appeals.

The governors also focus on improvement and achievement and they play an important role in accountability. Not only is the Principal accountable to the Local Governing Body, but the Local Governing Body in turn is accountable to parents/carers, the Board of Directors and the Members and ultimately the Department For Education.


If you wish to be a governor in the future please contact the school and we will contact you when a vacancy occurs.

If you would like to contact the Governors please email or in writing at our school address which is available on the contact us page.

Governor Meeting Dates 2020 - 21

4th October 2022

6th December 2022

7th February 2023

21st March 2023

16th May 2023

4th July 2023

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