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Speaking and Listening

Communication is the foundation upon which all other learning takes place. We believe that all pupils are entitled to an enriching and stimulating environment, which encourages them to communicate, participate as listeners and value the written word (including signs and symbols).


Communication is a vehicle for all other cognitive activities and underpins participation in all aspects of life. The teaching of all aspects of English, including Literacy, Communication and Language, is so fundamental to the entire curriculum that, for it to be effective, input is required from parents, speech and language therapists and advisory services for pupils with sensory impairments.


For pupils for whom English is a second language bilingual support and acknowledgement of the importance of their home language is paramount.

Communication and Language offers our pupils the opportunity to:
• Communicate effectively with others in a range of social situations and interact with their peers and adults in the world around them.
• Develop effective strategies for making choices, express likes and dislikes, feelings, emotions and make their needs known to different audiences.
• Develop their ability to respond in their preferred mode of communication
• Be valued as individuals, recognising equally their own worth and the contribution of others.
• Access an extensive, age-appropriate range of literary materials and experiences
• An ability to solve problems and think logically in order to work systematically and accurately.
• Develop an ability to work both independently and in cooperation with others.
•Be articulate, confident communicators and good responsive listeners in a variety of situations
• Understand that language they have acquired, may be relevant across all areas of their learning and to apply that language where possible

Other helpful websites for more information on understanding Communication and Interaction development through an autism lens, early communication skills and strategies to use. 

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