SEND Information Report

High Park SEND Information Report September 2023

High Park School is located in the west of Bradford and is part of the Carlton Academy Trust (CAT).  We cater for pupils aged 3 to 19 years with communication and interaction needs including autism and complex learning needs along with associated difficulties such as sensory processing needs.  The school also runs a Designated Specialist Provision (DSP) for Early Years pupils to support their continued placement in mainstream settings. Admissions to the school and the DSP are via the Local Authority SEND or SEND Early Years departments.

What are the school’s policies for the identification and assessment of the pupils’ needs?

All pupils have or are under assessment for an Education Health Care Plan which is reviewed annually. Ongoing and rigorous assessment ensures that teaching is adapted and matched to the pupils’ needs.

What is the provision for pupils at High Park and how is it evaluated?

The school is purpose built and provides a bespoke low arousal environment with flexible use of spaces. We have specialist facilities such as Rebound rooms, sensory rooms, aromatherapy rooms, quiet rooms and outdoor learning areas from every classroom. Pupils are taught in small classes and grouped mainly for age but also taking into account their individual needs. There is a high staff to pupil ratio in every class. The school uses a range of interventions supported by a multi professional team employed or commissioned by the school. Child centred planning and careful assessment ensures the curriculum is engaging and personalised to support the best possible progress for all pupils.

What arrangements are there for consulting parents of children with SEN and involving them in their children’s education?

Parents and carers are fully involved in the education of their children. An initial home visit is undertaken before pupils start at the school and then regular communication is maintained via home/school diaries, phone calls, coffee mornings, parent support group and training, parents’ evenings and Annual Review meetings. As part of the above, parents and carers have opportunity to discuss their child’s learning and progress with the multi professional team working at the school.

What are the arrangements for consulting pupils and involving them in their education?

All pupils are treated with dignity and respect. The personalised curriculum and the strong and trusting relationships built with staff ensure that pupils’ views are listened to and taken into account in all aspects of their school life.

What are the arrangements for assessing and reviewing pupils’ progress towards outcomes?

All pupils are assessed against the P Scales on a termly basis. Daily on going assessment by the teacher and classroom staff ensures that planning and teaching is well matched to the pupils’ individual learning needs. Evidence of pupils’ achievements is shared and progress is discussed at the termly parents’ evenings and also at the Annual Review meeting.

What is the approach to teaching pupils with SEN and how is the curriculum adapted?

The school uses a personalised approach to teaching and follows a thematic curriculum which is developmentally and age appropriate. Intensive Interaction and a holistic autism specific approach with a focus on positive behaviour support is integral to the teaching at High Park. This ensures all pupils can access the curriculum which is motivating and engaging at an individual level.

What arrangements does the school make to ensure staff have the training and expertise to support pupils with SEND?

The school employs a range of professionals to work collaboratively with the teachers and support staff. These include 2 Occupational therapists, a Speech & Language Therapist, an Aromatherapists and Educational Psychology input. The school provides bespoke training in relation to our pupils’ specific needs and also broader training on SEND. External training is also accessed to ensure staff have a range of professional development to support their practice.

What arrangements are made for pupils with SEN joining, transferring or leaving the school?

Well planned and personalised transitions are planned for all pupils at every stage of their education. Teachers work collaboratively with parents, carers and other professionals to create and deliver transition arrangements which support wellbeing, independence and progress.

How does the governing body involve other bodies to meet the needs of pupils with SEN, including support to promote emotional, mental and social development for pupils with SEN?

The school works closely with the NHS to commission Occupational Therapists and a Speech & Language Therapist. This ensures these staff have effective supervision and training as well as the training they receive within school. Collaborative work with CAMHS, The Special Needs School Nursing Team, Children’s Complex Health & Disability Team, and voluntary organisations such as Barnardos enables appropriate support, advice and guidance for the pupils, their families and the staff. Teachers plan meaningful learning opportunities which foster independence, resilience, social communication, emotional regulation and the development of life skills including a sense of self and keeping safe.

What are the arrangements regarding complaints from parents of pupils with SEND?

Parents and carers are encouraged to contact their child’s class teacher in the first instance. If this is not appropriate, then the Principal should be contacted. The Complaints Procedure is available on the school website or in hard copy from the school.

Parents of children with SEND may find the following support services helpful, in addition to the school’s offerings:

Barnardos (Bradford SEN Information, Advice & Support Service) – Tel: 01274 481183

AWARE – Tel: 01943 466543 Mobile: 07764 432933 Email:

Parents Forum – Contact via website or if it is urgent Tel: 01274 397396 or 07506 789051

SIBS – Contact via website

SNOOP – Tel: 01274 292126 or email:

Well Being Guide –

Active Social Care – Tel: 01484 544100 or email:

NHS Support for carers –

Disability Rights UK – Tel: 020 7250 8181 email:

Carers Resource – Contact via website:

Carers Trust – Tel: 0844 800 4361 Email:

Carers UK – Tel: 0808 808 7777 Email: or via the website:

Mencap – Website:

Citizens Advice – Website:

National Autistic Society – Tel: 020 7833 2299 Email:

Autism Education Trust – Tel: 0207 903 3650 Email:

Cerebra – Tel: 01267 244200 Email:

Epilepsy Society – Tel: 01494 601400

IPSEA – Independent Parent Special Education Advice Website:

The Jigsaw Tree – Website:

Contact a Family – Tel: 0808 808 3555

Where is the information on the Local Offer for children with SEN in Bradford published?

The school’s contribution to the Bradford Local Offer can be found on our website or is available in a hard copy from school.

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