Our Values in Post 16 are:
At High Park School our values underpin everything we do.
We seek to:
• Enable our students to achieve their best outcomes;
• Empower them to communicate and have their voices heard
• Include them in their local and wider communities

Our Vision in Post 16 is:
We are committed to putting young people with communication and interaction difficulties at the centre of everything we do.
We aim to provide a therapeutic, student-centred that prioritises the wellbeing and personal progress of every student.
We pride ourselves on being able to challenge norms, think outside the box, and develop a creative response to need.
We believe that every student can achieve their personal outcomes and develop new skills.

At High Park School learning in Post 16 is designed to raise student aspirations and offer a bespoke timetable to all students, which will involve student interests along with a PfA curriculum. We will provide real world learning opportunities to prepare our students for a meaningful, happy, adult life, beyond High Park

Our Aim in Post 16 is:
Driven by the intention to prepare students for adulthood and independence.
Develop communication skills for life after High Park.
A curriculum that focuses on students’ long term aspirations.
Students to develop self believe, confidence and self-awareness.
Supporting students in accessing local facilities and participate in destination learning within local and wider community.
Providing individualised learning and a bespoke curriculum
To play an important part in looking after our school community and our wider community
Support our students in accessing supported work experience opportunities and internships within school.
Students to experience extended transitions in and around school, using our local area to wider opportunities for transition to develop the skills within the wider community.

In Post 16, the curriculum is structured around the main PfA areas, with an increasing emphasis on developing students’ independence skills and preparing them for adulthood and reaching EHCP targets.
The image below illustrates how the activities on offer for Post-16 students link to the main PfA areas:

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