Post 16 (Key Stage 5)

Key Stage 5 is our Post 16 department (sometimes referred to as 6th Form). These are our students aged 16 -19 years of age.

Key Stage 5                    

Year 12 (16-17 years)          

Year 13 (17-18 years)          

Year 14 (18-19 years)

Students can be part of our Post 16 department for three years, until the end of the academic year in which they are 19. Our Post 16 students are based mainly in the Vocational Room but others access activities in the Vocational Room from their class in Ash or Oak Base.

In Post 16 we are focused on preparations for students to be confident, independent learners ready to move onto the next stage in their learning pathways at Post 19.  There is a strong emphasis on developing students’ abilities to use key skills in practical ways. It is a key time to develop important life skills and transfer them .

Much of our learning takes place out in the community; working with new people, developing student’s confidence in transitions and transferring learnt skills into different contexts in readiness for leaving school.

Post 16 Curriculum themes 


Here are some photos of what we do in Post 16…

Developing our catering and daily living skills at Love Bread

Developing confidence in routine Year 14 health checks with the Health Facilitation Team from Waddiloves

Achieving our Sailability awards at Otley Sailing Club

Promoting a sense of self at our weekly visits to the hairdressing salon at Keighley College 

Food preparation for the Oak Base Cafe

Horticulture – indoor planting