Parent Wellbeing

High Park Social Emotional and Mental Health Provision for Parents and Carers
•    Social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.   
•    Responding to the social, emotional and mental health needs of all our parents/ carers is everyone’s responsibility. 
•    Every parent or carer is made to feel welcome within school and treated with dignity and respect 
•    Their opinions and parent voice are valued; we recognise parents as knowledgeable professionals who know their child the best 
•    Positive and trusting relationships are built between High Park staff and parents and carers – leaders within the school work hard to promote a culture where all staff are empathic and respectful of the challenges our families could face at home 
All parents or carers access: 
•    Daily communication via the home school diary  
•    Regular wellbeing phone calls 
•    Newsletters and other key information sent home 
•    Termly parents’ evenings 
•    Parent coffee mornings, workshops, training 
•    EHCP meetings – which take place within a supportive and familiar environment with refreshments at a time / day that as much as possible accommodate what works best for the family 
•    Opportunities to access holiday activities within the community with their child and siblings 
•    Information shared on the school website and social media linked to supportive organisations and resources

Additional wellbeing support can be found on the services listed below:

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