Welcome to Beech and Ash Base our secondary phase at High Park!

As we move in to the secondary phase at High Park, the building blocks are in place for us to continue the development of our communication and     social interaction skills. There is an emphasis on establishing positive and trusted relationships with adults and peers and this plays an important role in   enabling us as young people to increase our levels of independence and have the confidence to try new things and continue to overcome our barriers to learning.

Our curriculum is creatively adapted so that we can easily access different subjects, regardless of which learning pathway we follow. We love to be physical and active and there are plenty of opportunities to use the gym to keep fit, dance, use the rebound rooms and take part in long walks. There are opportunities to achieve accredited courses and these include Entry Level Maths and English, Arts Award and Junior Duke of Edinburgh Award.

As we become increasingly confident and independent learners, we extend our skills in the kitchen and love opportunities to cook and bake. We like to read and enjoy our regular visits to the library, both on and off site. You will find us making regular visits within our local community, enjoying our parks, shops and local swimming pools.

As in the primary phase, our learning experiences continue to be underpinned by the Therapeutic Core Strategies. This continues to provide us with the scaffolding to support our communication, interaction, regulation skills and wellbeing and includes the use of objects of reference, language boards,  core vocabulary and the strategies provided by our Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Aromatherapist. By developing our physical and  emotional wellbeing, we are able to access learning and participate and enjoy an increasing range of activities and with greater confidence and            independence.


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