At High Park School we teach our students the skills and preparation for adulthood to enable them to become as independent as possible for adult life. We provide a broad and diverse curriculum to give students the opportunity to reach their full potential. We aim to allow all students to have access to a range of vocational experiences in a variety of settings. These settings include the school, the local and wider community and places of work.


CEIAG (Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance) is an essential part of the support we offer to students at High Park School to help them to make informed choices. This includes impartial advice and guidance at key transitional times for young people and access to up to date information on careers and other issues affecting their well-being and continuation of learning. Our effective transitional support helps our students in all aspects of their journey and into adulthood.

Careers education provides a way of developing knowledge, understanding and experience of opportunities available to our students. Our programme aims to develop the skills needed for improved decision making about the future.


In order to provide a diverse and well-rounded careers programme


High Park works with a range of businesses, charities and organisations, including:


School careers leader: Sarah Tollemache

Enterprise Coordinator: Marie Locker

Post 19 / Careers

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