Welcome to Acorn Base our primary phase at High Park!

This is where the learning journey begins for our pupils and we are proud of the offer that we provide.  Here, we encourage our young people to      overcome barriers to learning, participate in a variety of new experiences and most importantly, have fun and thrive. We offer a safe, nurturing and caring environment where the development of communication and interaction skills are at the heart of all that we do.

Our primary phase comprises of 5 classes that are organised in learning pathways where a carefully adapted curriculum include both a subject and non subject specific focus. We begin to develop our social interaction skills through lively, energetic , playful interactions, social games and always lots of fun.

Through our learning experiences, we become animal lovers, puddle jumpers, book worms and confident risk takers. You may find us in the carpark  learning to use the zebra crossings  to cross the road safely in preparation for our exciting community visits. Our pupils spend lots of time together in Acorn Middle, experiencing a variety of music, dance and movement. We have opportunities to explore our gross motor skills in a familiar and predictable environment. We love spending time with our friends.

Underpinning all our learning experiences is the use of the High Park Therapeutic Core Strategies. This provides us with the scaffolding to support our communication, interaction, regulation skills and well being and this includes the use of objects of reference, core vocabulary and strategies         provided by our Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Aromatherapist. By developing our physical and emotional wellbeing, we are able to access are learning and participate and enjoy an increasing range of activities.


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