Pupil Wellbeing

High Park Social Emotional and Mental Health Provision for Pupils 

  • Social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.   

  • Responding to the social, emotional and mental health needs of all our pupils is everyone’s responsibility. 

  • Every pupil is made to feel welcome, greeted by adults using their preferred greeting to show that they are valued. 

  • Positive and trusting relationships are built between pupils and adults through Intensive Interaction, the promotion of pupil choice and the in-depth knowledge we have of pupils and their likes and needs.  

  • Autism specific and responsive learning environment (SPELL Framework and Environmental Checklist) 

  • All pupils have access to a quiet space inside or outside. There are more quiet spaces available across classes and Bases as pupils get older 

Structure and Routine 

  • Pupils know and understand the structure and routine of the school day  

  • Pupils have the opportunity for repetition to repeat, practice and consolidate skills within our spiral curriculum 

  • This enables pupils to anticipate what is happening next, reduces anxiety and increases engagement and independence 

  • Visual support linked to pupils’ communication stages is available within the learning environment e.g., Visual timetable, Now and Next board 

Transitions and change 

  • Personalised approach for pupils moving to our school and onto other schools taking the lead from parents (or pupil where appropriate). Key core strategies shared with new school when pupils move.  

  • A wide variety of visual support strategies are used to prepare pupils for an activity ending and support their transition to the next activity e.g., visual timetable, sand timer, Now Next boards, ‘wait’ board, core vocabulary ‘finished’ etc.  

  • Class transitions are carefully planned e.g., teacher transitions meetings, class visits, transition photo books etc.  

  • Carefully considered curriculum planning at Post 16 to provide extensive and bespoke Post 19 transitions 

  • Increasing opportunities for pupils to access a wide range of meaningful community activities within the school day and in the holidays. 

This is supported by close working with families and carers 

  • The Core Strategies of the Therapeutic and Positive Behaviour Support Team underpin all learning and development at High Park.  They form the foundation and ‘core’ of the curriculum for all our pupils.  

  • These core strategies support emotional regulation and physical wellbeing, social communication and interaction and a readiness for learning. 

Childline also have lots of useful information and self-help tools specifically for Under 12s. Here you will find a mood tracker, people you can speak to, advice, videos, games and fun things to do.

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