Curriculum Whole School Overview

Curriculum Overview

At High Park ‘Learning for Life’ is the focus of our curriculum; it is balanced, engaging and ambitious for all learners. Our curriculum is driven by the need to support pupils from the moment they start at High Park in the development of skills, knowledge and understanding that form the foundations for skills for later life. We prioritise the development of communication and interaction skills along with physical and mental resilience so that as our pupils move into adulthood, they will have a connective, fulfilling, enriched and productive life. Pupils will have the skills to maximise lifelong support networks and be able to build meaningful, trusted relationships.

The High Park curriculum encompasses the requirements of the National Curriculum but goes beyond the experiences of the classroom to ensure that our pupils develop skills that are relevant and can be applied in a range of environments and contexts. Autism theory and recognised good practice (Intensive Interaction, SCERTS Model and the Autism Education Trust) are embedded in our curriculum at High Park. Our holistic, integrated, and inclusive approach ensures pupils develop functional skills in preparation for adulthood, particularly in the areas of communication, emotional regulation, and independence. This is achieved through collaboration with our in-house Therapeutic Team whose strategies are fully integrated within our bespoke curriculum. This approach fully considers social inclusion and cultural capital whilst working in partnership with parents and other agencies.  Our curriculum aims to improve the quality of life and life choices for our pupils. The journey that takes us from childhood to adulthood is different for everyone and our curriculum reflects this; the three pathways of the curriculum ensure an adapted and personalised approach for every pupil.

The aims of our curriculum are to:

· Promote social communication and interaction skills as they are fundamental for our pupils to access and engage with the world.

· Teach transferable independence/ real-life skills which will equip pupils for life beyond the school.

· Create a curriculum where pupils feel safe, are stimulated, engaged and love learning.

· Prioritise functional maths and literacy with an emphasis on reading, communication and interaction in all areas of the curriculum.

· Fulfil the requirements of a skilfully adapted National Curriculum.

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